Our travel to Malawi (part II)

Monday 17/08 Second part (and more…)
By Gp

The trip to Copenaghen was full of… silence.
Nobody wanted to talk, but my mind was full of thougths about the 24 hours travel and the eight months project we were on the way to start.
When we finally arrived to the airport and Davide made his last greetings, my ears were listening but my brain was already dreaming Malawi.
The adventure was officially started.

And like every adventure, it started with the classic worst nightmare of every traveller: the suitcases’ weight.

Rebecca and I we talked a lot the days before about the weight of our luggages.
I’m Italian and as every people from that country, I always think “Yeah, c’mon! They wouldn’t care too much if our luggages are a couple of kg over the limit”.
Rebecca was more interested in finding a scientific way to weight her single-gigantic-backpack.
After refuses made by NASA and CERN to help her, she had to turn to an old, weak and in pound scale, found I don’t know how many years ago during a dumpster diving of August team 1992 (I hope).

The results was that my suitcase was 22 kg, my backpack was 16 and Rebecca’s gigantic-backpack was over the limit too for just one kg. If you know Rebecca, you could imagine her reaction to this inacceptable mistake.


In front of hundreds people waiting to leave their luggages, we had to open all our suitcases and moving from one to another some of our clothes to fit the 20kg limit.
After half an hour of struggles, moving underwear, Nutella’s glasses and smelling boots, we made it and I could show to the hostess who was already preparing the fine for the overweight, my best happy-victory-face.

(but the adventure was only at its begin…)


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