Our travel to Malawi (part III) – The scissors

Monday 17/08 Third part (and more…)
By Gp

John 13:21-38
“Then Giampaolo answered:

Very truly I tell you, before the travel finish, I will disow you three times

What’s one of the most common thing you could find about travelling by plane?
“Don’t bring in your hand bag sharpen tools like knives and scissors”.

rules flight

And what Rebecca decided to bring with her?
IMG_2938Obviously, the customs wasn’t really happy to see somebody carrying this tool.
Anyway, lucky she, they misured it and allowed (!!!) Rebecca to bring it with her.
But again, what you do if you have the chance to make another check-in?
Put the scissors in the suitcase!
And what Rebecca did?
We can ask the same question to the customs in Stockholm…
And finally we can ask the same questions to the customs in Addis Ababa…
But finally Rebecca found somebody that was interested in that item, so she decided to finally seize the scissor, probably to bring it home.

So goodbye scissor, it was nice to see you in Denmark and have fun in Ethiopia.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Erich says:

    Hey, Giampa!! Auguri nel vostro progetto… Cmq mi (ci) piacerebbe sapere di più su cosa fai in Africa… gli obiettivi ecc..
    In bocca al lupo!!


    1. Gp says:

      Ci sarà spazio per tutto!
      Siamo appena arrivati e solo domani andremo dove dovremo lavorare e gli studenti arriveranno ad inizio settembre


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