Our travel to Malawi

Monday and Tuesday were very busy days. We gonna tell you what happened…

Monday 17/08 First part

Last breakfast and last lunch in Lindersvold. We were really excited to go to Malawi but we knew that this would be also a very busy day… We had our footprint to finish, our luggages to prepare. We had to say our last goodbye before leaving to everybody (the first was during our Goodbye Party). Briefly speaking, we had to run everywhere that morning…

After lunch, we put our four luggages in the bus. We had three big bags to put in the plane compartment, three hand luggages which  one was for a computer and then, one bag for snacks. Quite a lot, in fact but… C’mon, we are going there for eight months !

Then, at 01:00, came the time to say goodbye. Tina, our headmaster, wanted to perpetuate the tradition. We were in the middle of a cercle composed of all our schoolmates. There were also Jorn, Carmen with Little Enara… Turning inside the circle to say goodbye to each person, make a small talk, jockes… We were sad but excited to go to Africa. We entered inside the bus with our fellow driver, Davide. Suddenly, the others approached the bus and pushed it on the side ! We laughed a lot.

Davide drove us to Copenhagen Airport and the long trip began… Before arriving to Blantyre, we were to transit in Stockholm, Vienna, Addis Ababa and Lilongwe.


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