Funeral party

By Gp

Last Sunday we had the chance to take part of a funeral party near of our school in Amalika.
The dead was a local Chief, a tribal King who was very respected in the surrounding and it was the man who gave the land in free lease to DAPP Malawi to build there the TTC (Teacher Training College) called “Amalika”, were we will work for eight months in our project as co-teacher.

It was an amazing possibility to see Malawian tribal culture and how it is mixed with religion too.
The funeral party started early in the morning, around 8-9 am and slowly ended only during the night between Sunday to Monday.
During the party there were lots of dances and songs made by components of all the tribes living in the surrounding, who wanted to show their respects for the dead.
Later, just before the religious function, also a Church Chorus started to sing some amazing songs.
In between, rapresentants of Malawian Government and local chiefs made a speech about the life of the king and his actions during his life. Hundreds of people were in total silence while hearing the speechs, commenting some parts with a vocal sound like “mmmmhhh” when the speaker said something they really approved about the King’s life.

The colours of the dresses, the dances and the songs were simply amazing.
I have to admit that living this event was an incredible experience to discover Malawian customs and traditions and how tribes and religion are still important for this country.

Here’s some videos I made with my Iphone:
Video 1: Tribal dance in memory of the dead King
Video 2: The tribe of the King greets the son of the King
Video 3: Church’s chorus
And here’s some photos:

Man with his tribe mask  ritagliato0008 ritagliato0007 ritagliato0006 ritagliato0005 ritagliato0004 ritagliato0003 ritagliato0002 ritagliato0001ritagliato0010




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