The first week with our students

By Gp

Last Wednesday, our students arrived to Amalika TTC.
During these few days we started to know each other, to let them get used to the school, the surrounding and some aspects of the DNS program.
We spent time reading and commenting together the first pages of the book “DNS Malawi”, to understand why for lot of aspects our school is “Another Kind of School” and “DNS in Africa” to get used of the nine pedagogical principles.We also had other activities as garden farming, to start our “DNS 2015 garden”, as sport, we went to Amalika Victory to play football and run, and we started to take confidence with computers and the DMM.

My first impression of these students-teachers is really nice.
They are full of energies, passion and like sponges they want to know more and more. Some of them never had the possibility to use a computer but this doesn’t mean they give up. On the contrary, they put all their efforts to understand how to use a mouse or to connect to the DMM.
Moreover, they are all really friendly and eager to know everything about Rebecca and I.
Some are shy, some are more at ease but day after day we can see how everybody is getting more confident and active, above all during the discussion after we had read together some parts of the program.

Here’s some photos taken during this weeks activities.
As always, more photos are available in our facebook page

IMG_9753 IMG_9755 IMG_9756 IMG_9757 IMG_9761 IMG_9762 IMG_9776 IMG_9854



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