Dziwe La Nkhalamba

By Gp

In the afternoon of Thursday 3rd of March, after the action in Mulanje Mission Hospital, we went to Dziwe La Nkhalamba.
This is a place inside Mulanje mountain, well known in Malawi, because of its beauty and because it’s a place of ancient myth and legends.
In the past, people were used to offer sacrifices to their Mphambe (God) in times of drought or other calamities.
It was a sacred place and because of it, myths were told in order to protect the site and please the Gods.
Even nowadays, some people are afraid to go there and others remind you some rules to accomplish in order to return safe home and not disappear in the mountain.
Since I’m in Malawi, everytime I talk about Mulanje Mountain, there is somebody advising me that people, specially “Azungu”, the white,  are disappearing every year.
On the way from Mulanje Mission to the mountain, some students warned me not to take pictures or swim in the dam or under the waterfall.

But after the one-hour walk needed to reach the dam, all of us we were so tired and sweaty, that all these myths just disappeared in a refreshing dive.

IMG_2932 IMG_2934 IMG_2961 IMG_2972 IMG_3047 IMG_2949 IMG_2948IMG_2947


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