After three days spent in Chilangoma, doing courses, tasks, writing experiences and a common action to slash the area around the NHQ of DAPP Malawi, on Tuesday we finally moved forward doing our bus trip. Next step was Zomba, in the Shire Highlands. It is the administrative capital of Zomba Distric and it was the capital of first British Central Africa and then Nyasaland before the establishment of the Republic of Malawi in 1964.
We placed our camp in Chikamveka Primary School, kindly hosted by the Head Teacher, Mr. Mopiha. This school is one of the biggest primary school of Zomba District, with its 3.000 learners and 58 teachers.
During the first day of our stay we did  some class observations, to assist how the teachers taught their lessons in such a hard (and typical in rural areas) environment.
Our program will proceed today with an investigation about the problem of street child, how people is carrying on smal business in such difficult moments.
In the afternoon we will move with the bus to observe the environment of Lake Chirwa.

Here’s some photos of the class observation and our camp in Chikamveka Primary School.


IMG_3274 IMG_3270 IMG_3266 IMG_3218 IMG_3217 IMG_3201 IMG_3198




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